Saturday, March 15, 2014

Missing in Action!

Well, sorry about that! I've been Spring Cleaning a little early. I'm cleaning the two studios and getting rid of TONS of stuff. I'm going to have a Crafty Spring Sale sometime soon. Hopefully all my extra stuff will be something other crafting folks would love to have. Steve put together a couple new Ikea storage units (I'll take pics when all finished in the studio makeover), for me and that got me going. I did find time to surf the web and see what everyone out there is doing and I stumbled across this one, at I think Freshly Stamps site. I change it just a bit but wow is this awesome or what?!?
 I just did a card class using the Six Sided Hexagon bundle from Stampin Up and sure wish I had seen this before that. Hopefully you all will give this a whirl. I LOVE THIS CARD!!!. I am going to have it on the display board at next class, because we are doing a butterflies theme and well there they are.
The next class is April 18th if you are interested there are only 3 spots left for the morning class and 2 in the evening!
Have a great weekend, I'm going to keep on cleaning out!

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