Thursday, December 1, 2016

Trying to Catch UP!

Hi everyone the past four weeks have been one miracle after another for us. I was able to go to Cincinnati and take care of my friends children while her husband was out of the country. It was such a blessing for me. I came home and started substituting for the Oak Ridge Schools and oh my gosh!! I LOVE LOVE IT!! I am looking forward to doing more that is for sure. I'm scheduled for hand surgery December 12 so I'll be slowed a little not sure if I'll be able to do my art, it's my left hand and I'm right handed so we'll see. Just have to watch that I don't get paint on the dressing and then the cast or my DR will have my head LOL!!
I was able to complete some canvas work I'll share over the next few days.
The first one was inspired by NIKA IN WONDERLAND OH MY GOSH!! I love all her stuff. She works in a journal and uses Tim Holtz stamps and dies which is one of my favs. I decided to dot his one and take it to class with me and sit on the table before reading time to start by telling one of my MRS.BOPPIN'S  stories.
Please keep East Tennessee in your prayers with all the fires, tornado and tragic news here we sure can use your prayers and if you feel lead please donate to our RED CROSS, they have a huge job to do and are already doing what I could never imagine as far as helping and getting there so quick to assist the people of all the counties that were affected. We appreciate them so very much!!
Have a blessed day!!!!

p.s. Steve and I are fine! Blessed beyond measure.

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